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At Grabit, we have this notion that the right team, with the right support, just might do the impossible. We believe revolution is just a fancy word to describe amazing people working toward a common goal.

We also happen to know amazing people don’t exactly grow on trees. So if you’re a forward thinker with a healthy distaste for the status quo, we’d love to hear from you.

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Current Opportunities

Grabit, Inc. ( Grabit is a robotic and machine learning company leveraging proprietary electroadhesion technology to revolutionize manufacturing and warehouse logistics.

It’s no secret firms everywhere are racing toward automation. The benefits are obvious: Huge cost savings. Increased efficiency. Invaluable agility. And yet, a tour of factories and warehouses around the world would tell you a different story. Much of what they do is stuck in another era – done by hand or with an expensive and limited solution. That’s where we come in…

Grabit is revolutionizing one of the most consistently challenging problems in automation, material handling. What’s material handling? It’s exactly what it sounds like –– grabbing something and getting it where it needs to go. That might sound like a simple task, but right now it eats up 60 – 80 percent of most firms’ time. It’s expensive, labor intensive, and in many cases, impossible to automate.

But our breakthrough technology, electroadhension, is changing everything. We channel the same static cling that makes a balloon stick to your hair and use it to automate the handling of virtually any material. Electroadhesion has the finesse to handle something as fragile as an egg, as flimsy as soft fabric and as unwieldy as a 50 lb. box. This unprecedented flexibility empowers entirely new possibilities in automation.

Grabit is seeking an Engineering Buyer / Planner to join our team who can handle our purchasing, inventory control, production control, and logistics needs. The successful candidate will have experience managing suppliers and sources to ensure effective cost and service performance.

The candidate will leverage their eductation and experience to:

  • Buy materials for engineering prototypes
  • Plan material acquisition, tool center allocation and labor to build prototypes
  • Plan long lead material for initial production runs during pilot build
  • Track, expedite and report on programs
  • Work proactively bringing up issues for resolution to prevent delays
  • Work with production to get material lead times and routings in during product release
  • Develops collaborative/partnering relationships with key suppliers, including objectives and measures, to promote processes to reduce lead times, costs and manage working capital. Processes include: vendor managed inventory, consignment, electronic data transfer, online interaction for orders and shipment acknowledgement.
  • Act as liaison between functional areas to drive decision making processes that supports an efficient, well-coordinated supply chain.

 Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Business, Supply Chain, or Technical preferred). APICS certification is preferred.
  • Three years or more of progressive experience in professional purchasing position(s) is desired. Electro-mechanical purchasing experience desired. Experience with contract manufacturers is desired.
  • Materials management skills including Planning, Purchasing, Sourcing, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving / Logistics, and/or Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Experience in Lean, Six Sigma, or other continuous improvement.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Strong skills in work planning, capacity analysis, and scheduling.
  • Exceptional negotiation skills.
  • Advanced customer interface skills.
  • A team player who can relate to people at all levels of the organization.
  • An energetic, forward-thinking and creative individual with high ethical standards and a positive professional image.
  • Ability to be flexible and able to function comfortably in a fast paced, constantly changing and ambiguous environment.
  • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.
  • Experience with ERP/MRP/PLM
  • Experience with Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word

Grabit is a robotic and machine learning company leveraging proprietary electroadhesion technology to revolutionize manufacturing and warehouse logistics. Grabit’s principal founder is Harsha Prahlad, Ph.D, Grabit’s CTO/CPO, the primary inventor of electroadhesion technology and an innovator in the robotics industry.  For more information about Grabit, visit and send your resume to

Grabit, Inc. ( Grabit is a technology company solving automation challenges in manufacturing and warehouse logistics with proprietary electroadhesion technology.

Material handling is the primary challenge in automation. Traditional robotic systems have difficulty handling flexible materials, random shaped items, fabrics, and pre-installed systems.   Grabit’s proprietary electroadhesion technology can handle virtually all types of material and enables robotic automation solutions. Grabit provides complete automation solutions leveraging robotic motion, vision sytems, robot operating systems, electroadhesion and more.

Grabit’s customers include Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries in manufacturing and warehouse logistics.

The successful candidate will develop software to control robotic assembly platforms comprising a high-speed assembly robot; multi-zone electro-adhesion tool; tool controller; robot guidance; inspection vision; man-machine interface with augmented reality; computer-aided manufacturing interface and web services. As part of a cross-functional team based in Sunnyvale and in China, the successful candidate will develop and deliver embedded code on a rapid timeline to deploy the platform at key customer sites.

We are looking for a Software Engineer who is able bridge the C/C++ programming divide between Windows and Ubuntu Linux.  The successful candidate will have a track record demonstrating an ability to develop industrial strength, embedded, automation solutions in a lean development environment. Additionally, he/she needs to flexible to adapt to dynamic conditions and meet evolving product requirements.

The candidate must have 5-7 years of experience as a developer with a skill set comprising:

  1. Experience programming with ROS (Robot Operating System)
    • Program with ROS both in C++ and Python
  2. Experience creating C/C++ programs in both Windows and Linux.
    • Experience configuring a Linux Operating System (Ubuntu)
    • C++ Eclipse for Ubuntu is a plus.
  3. Ability to take sizable recorded data sets (log files) and generate routines to parse and find key events/performance metrics.
    • This can be accomplished in Excel, Matlab, Python, etc. Must have familiarization with all.
  4. Debugging ROS Systems
    • Experience Debugging ROS nodes written in Python and C++

The following are desired skill sets:

  1. Robotics Classwork/Applications
    1. Mathematics/physics of robot coordinate systems
    2. Kinematics
      • Trajectory Planning
      • Robot Workspace optimization
    3. Motor dynamics
  2. Real world experience working with (industrial) robots
    1. Programming a robot using a vendor API (Application Programming Interface)
    2. Communications
      • Commanding and querying the robot controller from an external program on a computer)
    3. Tuning
      • Assessing speed, repeatability
      • Matching robot coordinate system to the rest of a larger machine’s coordinate system
    4. Robot safety protocols & error recovery

Grabit Inc. is revolutionizing manufacturing through automation solutions that combine innovative hardware, software and man-machine interfaces. Please send your resume to

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